Why Smart Companies Pay Attention To Their Search Engine Rankings

Search engine rankings

About 58 percent of online consumers who are researching products and services online use a search engine, which is a significantly higher percentage than the 24 percent of consumers who visit company websites directly and the 18 percent who inquire only through social media. Because of this statistic and the one that more than 88 percent of the country’s online users who were 14 and older searched for products online last year and that 40 percent of those people eventually used social media for further research, higher search engine rankings have become the most vital online marketing need for companies today.

To obtain these higher search engine rankings, most companies decide to outsource this service to search engine optimization companies. They do this as well because 57 percent of business to business SEO marketing experts are saying that SEO has the most significant impact on influencing the generation of leads within their clients’ businesses. This lead generation is not without concrete evidence to support it, since inbound leads that are generated through SEO are more effective yet cost 61 percent less than cold calling and other common outbound leads.

To achieve higher search engine rankings, these companies then wisely invest in SEO tools from top providers that either are direct providers or resellers. They realize that they can only do so much in achieving higher search engine rankings on their own, and instead they pass this service off to professionals. These companies are extremely wise to do so, because they are paying very little for an effective service that does much more than their other marketing efforts combined in some cases.

To obtain these higher search engine rankings, these companies also choose to hire professionals because their websites have to be compatible with mobile solutions too, and often these companies have no resources to handle this kind of need within their respective operations. Forty eight percent of all users of mobile devices look up promotions and product reviews using their devices, and research consistently shows that users are way more likely to stay on the websites of companies that operate mobile friendly sites. To keep themselves as competitive as possible, these companies are utilizing search engine marketing experts who have knowledge of both ways to improve their websites’ presences and ways to enhance their online capabilities so that their websites function well and look good on every kind of mobile device.

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