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maller, while improving at doing. This video explains what Teradyne is and a bit about its background.

Teradyne was established some time ago by two engineers of MIT. The time of electronic devices was when they occupied whole rooms. The founders were aware that tests were necessary to ensure that the electronic components are of top quality. They also realized that testing would improve the efficiency of electronics, and they helped pave the way for today’s minuscule microchips we use to this day.

Automobiles are one of the most important areas in which Teradyne has been involved in. More electronics have been added to vehicles since the start. Today, computers on board can take on a myriad of duties for the driver, and the number of tasks will increase. Teradyne guarantees that car computers are durable and reliable.

Teradyne uses AI and humans to develop working environments that are collaborative, which increase productivity as well as free labor. Instead of humans doing repetitive tasks all day, they can work alongside and oversee robots to handle the bulk of the work. Check out the video for more information.


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