Why Does Law Enforcement Have Such a High Sex Crime Rate? – Insurance Appeal Letter

You don’t have to explore far for examples where people have recorded videos of officers of law enforcement being excessively violent towards criminals or doing something illegal in some form of fashion. Many officers were also charged with sex-related crimes at some time or another during their time in the field.

Evidently, not all cops are good, but there is a higher than average rates of sex crimes among law enforcement, and many people are curious about what the deal is with these crimes. Some cops believe that their badge and uniform also give an excuse to perform actions which they should not. Certain police officers were able to avoid prosecution for sexual offences or other criminal acts since they feel they’re entitled and aren’t accountable. There are no statistics to back this up and it’s crucial to realize that we have to be proactive about these. Too many people are getting injured by bad cops but that shouldn’t be the case. m27ced1fsj.

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