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This topic is being debated for a lengthy time. It has been a long-running debate that has seen preferential treatment been given to people who have money, while those who are people who are poor do not have a chance of gaining their freedom back before their court trial. With all the complex issues behind the concept of bail, it’s present and working in the prison systems of our country. What party actually benefits from the many millions of dollars per year spent on payment for bonds in prison? The CNBC video sheds light bail as well as the American justice system.

The wealthy and the workers referred to as bond brokers are that are the most likely profit from bail in prison. Bond agents are charged a cost that is between 10-15% for bailing a suspect. A suspect’s family members typically pays the bail instead of the jailed individual. The bond agent receives a large cut of these earnings. If they pay their bail the rich do not pay fees. Their money will be returned to them after they are for trial. So, CNBC believes that the system is favouring people with the most money.


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