When to Call a Tow Service – Boston Equator

assist you in overcoming a variety of problems, such as flat tires or battery problems. These are just a few motives to get in touch with an tow service.

The first reason is if there is a flat tire. Tow trucks may be needed if your tires have become worn or if you’ve hit an object that causes punctures. They can install a spare or re-routed tire installed by them.

Another reason for calling an tow truck is when your battery or engine is not working. Pay attention to the indicators that appear on your dashboard and do not overlook any warning signals. It’s better to address a problem as soon as it occurs before it can get worse.

Be sure to shut off electrical parts to the car such as headlights, overhead lighting, the air conditioner, the radio or heated seats when your engine isn’t operating. This is a common cause to premature battery deaths.

More information on the things the tow truck driver goes through throughout the daytime job, visit the link to the video above.


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