What Is The Process Swimming Pool Contractor Services Go Through When Building a Pool – NC Pool Supply


It also illustrates the numerous actions that a swimming pool contractor must go through in order to put up a pool.

Step 1 is the preparation of the pool’s layout, the location as well as excavation.
This video is focused at the process of installing a rectangular area made from granite. It’s 24 feet x 18 feet.

The second step involves installing the plumbing as well as any electrical needed.

Step 3 shows how a swimming pool contractor can install shotcrete. The whole process happens inside the pool.

Fourth step is to install decking on your pool.

The fifth step involves laying all tiles required.

Step 6 is focused on irrigation. It is crucial to know what method you use to get the water in the pool. To avoid unwanted visitors, fencing around your pool is crucial.

Step 7 is to install the pool’s plaster.

Once this is done, it’s time to fill the swimming pool with water. It cost $55,000 to build and it took about three months.

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