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Google is known for its unusual practices. In 2009, Feb 26th to be exact for example, when Google first tweeted, its tweet was Im feeling lucky in binary code. Do you also know that Google rents goats from a grazing company. They use the goats to mow the lawns in their headquarters. Some people consider that as environmentally responsible or while others think that it is just plain odd. In any case, any business with a website today cannot afford not to take Google search engine rankings seriously. This is because search engine rankings is one of the most effective ways of being seen by the consumers. And this is why it is the core of internet marketing or online marketing.

Consumers today do not just buy products that are available to them. Consumers today take time to research the products and services before buying them. So for any business, it is important to have high search engine rankings so that when consumers look for the products, they will see their sites and chose them over the competitors. In fact, websites today are more than just for information. Websites are what connects consumers to the product or business. And the higher the search engine rankings of the business, the more consumers it will be connected with. And the lower the search engine rankings, the fewer consumers it connects with. And when translated to profitability, compared with the Pay Per Click click through, organic click through gets higher conversion rate of 25 percent .

So, what is really Google search engine rankings? A lot of people think that the word Page Rank, the algorithm process of Google rankings, was used because of the page results in search, Page Rank was actually named after Larry Page, one of the co founders of the company. To get higher page rank, website must follow the guidelines of search engines, such as Google. Their guidelines are basically how to make the sites more relevant to the users. If the website is relevant, the higher its ranking will be. This is actually what white label search engine optimization does for the websites.

At the same time, it also includes other services. For example, in making purchase and in searching for local businesses, 65 percent of mobile internet users use their mobile devices, such as tablets and phones. Some SEO companies also provide ways for the websites to be accessed from mobile devices. Aside from access the service also includes other online marketing initiatives. One example is making use of social media. In this, an SEO company will not just strengthen the presence of the site on search engine rankings but also on social networking sites. This is important because part of research done by consumers today is through the social networking sites. Consumers read the comments of the other consumers before making purchase.

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