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Our thoughts, you’re not alone! People often think of ophthalmologists as being the same thing. optometrists to be identical medical professionals. They have distinct scopes of expertise.

Ophthalmologists are responsible for the surgical and medical aspects of eye care. While both ophthalmologists and optometrists treat the human eye, the exact treatments they provide differ. Optometrists will look at an eye’s condition, study, and resolve your vision issues. It is this person who will perform a vision test and will prescribe glasses or contacts.

Opthalmologists charge for the operations and procedures of eye care. Ophthalmologists treat conditions or eye disorders along with performing surgeries and various other procedures.

Go to your local optical and eye center for more information about the different types of eye health providers. If you are unsure what form of treatment you’ll require specifically, the associates of your local eye health center will be happy to answer any of your queries for you. vy5hsho1nl.

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