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There are numerous congregations that are in existence. some may be non-denominational. What is a non-denominational church? This video provides more detail.
An organization that is not associated with any particular religious institution or authority is “non denominational.” This does not suggest that it’s exempt from the rules and regulations just because it’s non-affiliated to any specific religious tradition.

Nondenominational church members believe in different matters, but have different beliefs as other denominations. It is possible to locate non-denominational churches that adheres more closely to an unifying doctrine or combines the best ideas of a variety of faiths.
A non denominational church may not officially belong to any faith-based organization, but its doctrine and method of conducting services are often strikingly similar to those belonging to a particular denomination. Most people will recall the moments of the previous church worship service held by the mainframe church at a non-denominational church. snv1tkto9t.

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