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Instead I live each day in the way I want and love every second of it.

Growing Pains

Let me conclude with a reality check. It is not for everyone to get their life back and make a move away from your home like I did. I fully understand the fact that some people have more complicated lives than I do, and many have obligations that would be impossible for me to even think of. Many of them enjoy a fulfilled and happy lifestyle. They are happy with the work that they are doing and have no desire to pick it all up and go on a journey. There are even some who just love where they reside in and can’t even imagine moving to a different place. Those are all valid motives to keep doing what you’re currently doing.

There’s no shortage of difficulties and growing pains that arise when dealing with what I did. For a while, I was lonely and lost. It wasn’t always simple to connect with friends. There were certainly moments and nights that I doubted if I’d done the right thing even at all. Nevertheless, for me I believe this was the right decision. I don’t feel regret nearly the way I thought I might. The added freedoms I take advantage of are something that I will treasure forever. Therefore, it is just sense for me to believe that this is the kind of life I’d like to lead in the near future. n8sszz7pbx.

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