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1. The importance of equipment is immense.

If you have a printing service, you are aware that your print quality has to be the same as the quality of your prints and the printers. DTF printing is a great illustration of this. And just like heating processes it is essential to invest in an expensive printer as well as a heat press for greater result.

2. Apply an Adhesive Carefully

Film made of cold peel cannot be applied to clothes immediately following printing. To make the image suitable for fabric, you require adhesive.

3. There is no pre-treatment required.

DTF printers provide the benefit of printing on garments with no need to pre-treat. It can reduce the cost and make it easier to manage. DTF printing can be accomplished efficiently and needs minimal labour.

4. Flexible

The options are limited If you direct print on fabrics. DTF printing is a possibility for a wide range of textiles, including rayon, silk, cotton and polyester. fob13pczvj.

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