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first. This means making sure they have the proper knowledge and experience to give an impressive new fence. Read on to learn the most important questions fence companies should be asking before you choose them.

Get references first. Request 2 references of fences that were completed in the last six months, and 2 references from fences built some time ago. They will give you an idea of how your fence will look a year.

You should request an insurance certificate. It is important to ensure that they have General Liability Insurance. However Workers’ compensation is also essential. Workers’ compensation covers workers’ injuries that occur while working in your home. A lawsuit can be filed against you if the employee is injured but are not protected.

Ask about the payment plan. A majority of fence installers will require a deposit to start work, and the remainder at the completion. Other fence installers may ask for progress payments throughout the duration of the work. Whatever payment plan they choose to use it is important to be conscious of the schedule and don’t spend more than 50 percent of the project’s total costs for the deposit.

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