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Insulation.” Here are some suggestions to simplify the work.
Strategies for Installing Blown in Insulation

The most crucial step is to get familiar with the diverse kinds of blown-in insulation. There are three different types of the blown-in insulation. Each type has its pros and disadvantages. Like cellulose blow-in insulation is perfect for the green homeowner. The insulation is comprised from recycled materials and is chemically treated to shield it from flames and mold.

Another option popular with homeowners are rocks wool. It will trap air inside its porous structure. Attics of all sizes can benefit from loose-fill insulation. Loose-fill insulation can be installed in any attic. It’s also able to reach into corners for as much as 22% more insulation.

The third tip is to wear proper equipment for safety. To prevent airborne particles inhaling, you should wear eye protection and face masks.

Thirdly, don’t stand at joints during the installation of the drywall. It is easy to lose your footing, or slip and slide across to the ceiling of the drywall below. The result could be damage to the roofing.

And finally, always apply security first when doing any DIY project.


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