Three SEO Tips for a More Relevant Blog

A comScore qSearch report states that 1,890 searches are conducted on the web every second. This adds up to 4.9 billion online searches monthly. And with Google staking a majority share of the search engine market, at as high as 70%, it is critical that bloggers who regularly produce their own content begin to implement SEO copywriting tips (if they haven’t done so already) that increase their visibility to their respective online audiences. Here are some blogger SEO tips to keep in mind to maximize the quality of your content.

Achieve Natural Search Engine Optimization Through Keywords

In order to achieve the highest possible ranking on a search engine results page, it is imperative that you focus on natural SEO, and not paid advertisements. With this in mind, you’ll want your copy to prominently feature keywords that online users employ when conducting their searches. For example, if your blog focuses on all things NFL, your written content should regularly use “NFL,” “football,” and the names of various teams and players as a way of letting readers know that you write about the subject matter they are interested in.

Publish Quality Content that Informs Readers

While the use of relevant keywords is undoubtedly important and is among the most vital blogger SEO tips, keywords do no good if they are not integrated into content that serves to inform its readers with useful news and insightful commentary. You may have all the keywords you want, but if the copy is not substantive, your web search optimization will suffer as a result.

Implement Strong Web Design That Caters to Mobile Users

The overwhelming majority of SEO marketers, 88% in fact, recognize the rise of mobile web functions as a vital facet of the Internet marketing landscape. With that in mind, you may want to consider structuring the HTML of your blog in such a way that the design is responsive. This means that the web page will fit to accommodate the screen size of the user’s particular mobile device. As far as site design goes, you may also want to consider ultizing a “nofollow value” in the code, something initially introduced in 2005 in order to prevent spam in the comments section of blogs.

SEMPO reports that the industry of search engine marketing in North America was valued at almost $23 billion as 2012 ended. This means that the importance of SEO is in no way diminishing, and it will be vital for you to employ quality SEO practices in order to maintain a substantial readership. If you have questions, comments, or blogger SEO tips, see the forum below.

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