These Refrigerator Hacks Will Save You Money – Best Ways To Save Money

How much is your electric bill each year? Actually, an typical refrigerator contributes nearly 13 percent of the electric bill. The key is to figure out methods to decrease the cost of your fridge. In this clip it will teach you simple hacks to lower the cost of electricity.

Keep your refrigerator at a full capacity. Full refrigerators mean reduced air circulation. This means less air particles colliding with food particles and transfer energy. The food is colder longer, which in turn saves energy. The difference can be stark. A refrigerator with a small amount of space can store food in cold temperatures up to a full day in the event that the power goes out. On the other hand it is possible for a refrigerator to last for up to two days.

An electrician will tell you to clean your refrigerator coils. Over time, they can build up hair and dust. The effectiveness of the coils can be significantly reduced. This means you pay more for electricity. Therefore, clean your coils about every six months to ensure that your refrigerator is running at its best and save you money.


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