LED Light Strip or LED Wall Washer? What Do I Choose? – Home Renovation Tips and Tricks

Strip Light or LED Wall Washer Light – What’s the difference? Which Should I Choose?” This article contains all the details that you need to know before purchasing or purchasing. Here’s more.

Today, LED light strips are extremely sought-after because they are so simple to set up as well as flexible, flexible small, and discrete. They can be cut to whatever length is required. They can be placed in areas that regular light sources aren’t able to fit in, like under cabinets in kitchens or on coving. The idea is to install the lights so that you do not be able to see exactly where the light source is coming from. They are not for everybody.

An LED wall washer light comes in the form of a single-meter strip. it is made up of small lights put on a plastic strip which is then covered with an optical lens. The size is bigger and it should be possible to see it. Additionally, it’s much more bright than light strips.

It is possible to watch the remainder of the video for the specifics on choosing between an LED wall washer and an LED light strip.


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