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ed a wall removed? Maybe you have an old barn that has being cleared away to make space for a new one. No matter what the reason this is the time to engage a professional Demo company to assist you in safely tearing down your old. You can also employ the hammers or saws for the task of taking the old structures down by hand. They may also use equipment like excavators to help with the task. But the best method is setting a smaller set of controlled explosives. In this video, we will demonstrate the way small controlled explosives can effectively demolish even large buildings.

Abu Dhabi’s apartment building is the first one we’ve listed. Abu Dhabi is famous for its extravagant buildings. This one was not any different. The plan was to include pools, spas, and even a helicopter pad. It was built for wealthy citizens. The building soared over the city as a large skyscraper. Unfortunately, it was it was never completed because of dispute over construction. It was instead demolished in 2020. It was buried in dust, it came crashing into ashes within a matter of seconds.


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