How to Support Black Owned Businesses Online

How to support black owned businesses online Join meaningful campaigns

Google along with other companies like it take part actively in promotions that highlight business owned by blacks. Being involved in these campaigns will help you support these companies. Participating in these programs allows you to become a partner or buy from the businesses. It also increases awareness. Public is informed that it is important to support minority-owned companies. The campaign also encourages individuals to give to groups that support black business owners.

The #blackOwnedFriday campaign is a excellent example of this initiative. After noticing that many people were searching for information on ways to help black owned businesses on the internet, Google took action. Google and the US Black Chambers Inc. have been able to increase awareness of the significance of supporting companies owned by blacks through this program. Customers were able to locate the businesses. Additionally, it was possible for businesses owned by black owners to boost and keep their visibility on the internet.

Make Resources Available

It is also possible to help them by donating tangible assets. You can donate machinery and office space or any other asset. Though it might appear insignificant to you, any support that you provide to a black-owned business often can be a big help in making sure that the lights stay on. Giving out educational materials is another option to support black-owned companies online. If you’ve got a resource which can help them gain easier access to funding, permits or networking activities, you should share it with owners of black descent.


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