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Search engines

Ninety three percent of all online experiences begin with an internet web search. Of those internet searches, 42 percent of users only click on the top natural result on the search engine results page (SERP). Those annoying ads showing up on the SERP sidebar? Users tend to ignore those, too. Additionally, 75 percent of web users never scroll past the first page of search results. Organic click through rates have a far higher conversion rate than pay per click, which means more potential leads and customers for you. Combine these facts with the 92 percent of American adults who perform at least one web search each day, and you understand the mega importance of search engine optimization and search engine rankings.

SEO marketing strategies, SEO tools, and Seo reporting are so integral to the success of your business. Not only are there a lot of strategies to stay abreast of, but the internet marketing strategies are always evolving, too. For example, not too long ago, valuable keyword integration was all a website needed to increase its rank in search engines. In addition to keywords, today, you need clever (albeit preferably brief) headlines, incoming links, back links, citations, and fresh and informative content that is consistently updated. Thankfully, the $16 billion search engines industry has created another burgeoning industry of web developers whose main goal is to learn the secrets of search engines and pass those secrets onto you. These web developers can also give you valuable search engines strategies for creating, building, and maintaining an effective brand and internet presence

These statistics overwhelmingly prove the effectiveness of best practices for search engines. More than half of B2B marketers say that SEO has the largest influence on their lead generation, in fact, good search engines strategies could lead to a 2,000 percent increase in traffic to your site, which could increase your revenue by a whopping 40 percent!

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