How to Properly Turn a Zero-Turn Mower – Chester County Homes

If you come across great bargains on mowers and packages It is well worth it. They offer the ideal mix of maneuverability and strength for completing the task fast and efficiently. The greatest benefit of a zero-turn is in their ability to rotate on a dime. This could be a problem in the event that the user isn’t adept in turning. A lot of people misuse the zero-turn option and harm their lawns. This video will show you the best way to avoid this error.

The most common mistake with zero-turn is to make a tight turn at the top of your mowing line. The inside of the wheel is made to come into contact with the soil by the pressure. The friction can result in tears in the grass. This could make you or your clients dissatisfied. It is easy to avoid this mistake. As you get to the end of your line you should take your turn more slow and less abruptly. The friction will be distributed over a greater area of grass to last longer. This results in an attractive lawn.


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