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Antelope Canyon, which is mysteriously formed by water splitting the rock crevasses over time is stunning. The Canyon is divided into lower and upper sections, which formed over many decades as water drained through the rock from higher elevations. The main difference between lower and the upper Antelope Canyon is the shape and dimensions that the canyon is. The upper Canyon features a small opening to the top and a longer base, and a lot of people enjoy the view once they have visited Antelope Canyon. The lower Canyon On the other side, features a bigger opening towards the top and narrower canyon floors, which let more light into the canyon through the windows from above.

While it is a bit wider in its base, the top Antelope canyon is much easier to traverse. But, it’s still darker than Lower Antelope Canyon. The famous light beams can be awe-inspiring to those who love taking amazing photos. The area of Lower Antelope Canyon is more costly than those in The Lower Antelope Canyon because tours are rushed. In the Lower Antelope Canyon has few staircases, narrower walls, as well as fewer people. Visitors can enjoy the shifting colors and light because of the larger opening that is on the top the canyon, it’s not possible to experience lighting beams that aren’t as thin and dim ones. There is a chance to take photos of the distinctive features and colors once you visit the area.

How do I get to Horseshoe Bend?

The best method is to drive for getting to Horseshoe Bend. To improve the performance of your car, visit garages. If you intend to lease one for the duration of your trip and you decide to go with a particular company, it will depend on the time you’re going to be traveling. Sometimes, local outfits have the lowest rates, occasionally large international carriers. It is important to compare prices of different companies to find rentals that are affordable and the cheapest price for your travel. You can rent an excursion bus for exploring the area if you do not need to drive.

Horseshoe Bend can be found to the southwest of Page in Arizona near Highway 89. The road is


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