How Often Should I Visit a Dental Clinic? – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists

You only have to see the dentist if there is something noticeable, such as tooth pain or damaged tooth. However, regular dental visits are crucial to your general wellbeing. For professional tooth cleaning, it is suggested that you visit your dentist at least twice a year. This isn’t just healthy for your mouth, however, it also gives your dentist an opportunity to look for any potential problems that may cause issues further down the road.

Dental health doesn’t only affect your gums and teeth. Infections and diseases that begin in your mouth could have devastating effects across other parts of your body. It is important to regularly clean your teeth for maintaining your oral health.

You might think that because you clean and floss regularly that your teeth are automatically in good shape. But this is a misconception. A toothbrush that you have at hand, or any other tools used to cleanse your teeth do a small fraction of the work. For a full, deep clean of teeth you’ll need professional-grade equipment and an experienced licensed dentist. e536zi5sq5.

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