How Does a Grain Dryer Work? – Jailbreak Essence

t in the business of agriculture, it is likely that you have never seen a grain dryer. As you can probably imagine it isn’t completely processed from the moment it is picked. Before being freed from the local farms to be used in the local market, it has to go through several processes. Integration of a grain dryer is essential to the procedure, and the equipment is quite frankly, very interesting to look at. This video will help you understand how the grain dryer works and what it looks like.

The process of drying grains is divided in four phases, namely filling, drying, cooling and then discharging. If you are in the filling phase it is fed into a small pan below the machine. It is then funneled into a long tube , which is then dispensed to an upper chamber. The grain is dried completely via gas pressure. After the grain has moved around, it is cooled. It is then taken out of a chute that is at high-end of machine to be put back into the bin it started in.


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