How a Residential Garage Door Installation Typically Goes – Custom Wheels Direct

A process that is difficult (garage doors weigh a lot) and a little difficult. Prior to anything else be careful not to try to pull out or modify a garage door that is fitted with a torsion-spring mechanism. It’s a dangerous task since the springs are subject to extreme tension. Unless you have prior experience working with springs, it’s always best to contact a professional.

A garage door that is sectional, for instance, can be installed with less effort. Installation isn’t hard to follow as long as you know the basics behind them, and follow the instructions of the manufacturer – all of these will be covered in this instructional video. For installation to be easier and more efficient, you’ll require the proper tools, including a drill with a pointer for the screwdriver or nut driver.

Ready to start? Take a look at this instructional video from This Old House, where you’ll be taught how to put in garage doors with ease. The tutorial is easy to follow and assists you with the installation of a residential garage door but will also inspire the handyman in you.


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