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ocessing industries. These modern machines can be used to position products with astonishing accuracy and speed. One of the conveyors that’s rarely discussed is the drive over conveyor. It’s used mostly in the agriculture sector to move products from delivery trucks to storage, processing, or. What can drive-over conveyor do help improve the performance?

A conveyor that is driven over can facilitate the process of loading the produce of a delivery truck. According to the video, instead of tipping trucks their contents, they’re set in front of the drive over conveyor. Then, they empty the produce via an outlet located beneath the truck. The product is then taken by the conveyor system and dumped into an empty silo.
A drive over conveyor minimizes the chance of making mistakes. There is a higher chance of errors in the process of removing cargo manually off trucks is substantial. However, errors are less likely when humans are not involved in the proces.
A drive over conveyor assists in reducing the amount of waste. When a product is loaded manually, it could cause much more waste as compared to when it’s put on a conveyor. 3z5gxilrnw.

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