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Hinese food first came to America at the beginning of the 19th century, Vietnamese (Japanese, Thai and so on.) is a cuisine that was not well-known to most American consumers until the 1970s. It also is the time of the birth of the concept of fusion, the fusion of fresh food as well as exotic flavors as well as interesting texture.

The American taste was not adapted to be used in Asian foods. A focus on meats and vegetables served in standard (sweet and sour, soy) sauces served with rice fried became the norm. In many authentic Asian restaurant, you could find two menus: one that was designed for people who were of Asian heritage and one that was for visitors.

Actually, the majority of the Chinese restaurants in the area outside Chinatown displayed in their windows that they were Chinese-Americans, lest Occidental customers shy away for fear of being served duck feet and bird’s nests. Contemporary Japanese restaurant, like the ones that Americans today know them weren’t established until WWII. There were numerous other Japanese eateries: Tea Rooms, Noodle bars and Steak Houses. rl9zijpiwk.

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