Hairdressing Terminology for Dummies – Ceremonia GNP

You can’t just assume that you are on the same side with your hairdresser. just hope for the ideal outcome. You may be disappointed if you just agree to what stylists do with your hair.

It is important to become familiar with the terminology used by salon hairdressers. This will help you communicate the look you desire to the stylist, and you’ll receive the most perfect haircut that salon has to offer.

The video was created by Jayne Hair Extension Co. and will teach you some of the most commonly used words and phrases that hairdressers around the country use. The video will cover everything you’ll need to know about splicing , including how to differentiate between ombre and Balyage.

You can quickly learn vocabulary when you watch the entire tutorial. These key phrases and words will make your salon visits successful and lucrative. tf5eqf33jd.

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