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Patients must have the ability to use specific equipment during treatment.

A habit you need to practice daily is to floss. A person must employ an exact method of flossing your teeth effectively. They will have to put the floss in between the archwire. In order to thread floss into teeth someone is required to utilize floss threaders.

The proxabrush can be used to clean between teeth or around braces. The brush is very small and it has bristles that are able to get between the teeth thoroughly to eliminate small dust particles. For cleaning individual teeth as well as the surrounding area people need to press the toothbrush lightly beneath the archwire.

The treatment for braces may also need orthodontic wax. The wax is applied to parts of the mouth that the braces touch. It provides extra protection and assists in preventing any future cutting. jt2d8xmy8k.

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