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There are limitations to x-rays. It’s only a 2D image. The physiotherapists can also make use of CT scans when performing medical imaging. They can produce images that are 3-dimensional. The person can be exposed to greater amounts of radiation. Ultrasound is a sound imaging technique that takes a photograph. It doesn’t allow any person to come in contact with radiation. Another type of imaging is MRI. The MRI is necessary to observe imagery in larger areas, like the spine. This is due to its huge area. An MRI is required to see photographs of the skull knees, shoulder joints, and knees. The MRI has another big benefit in that it is not exposing anyone to radiation. Additionally, it provides accurate soft tissue analysis. The X-ray cannot see the light emitted by soft tissues. This is because it can take a long time than an ordinary X-ray. They are among the most sought-after forms of medical imaging. If you’re keen to know more about these check out this video for further information. 26tj8xwmdm.

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