Bathtub Refinishing Process – Spokane Events

Refinishing your bathtub isn’t difficult and you should be able complete the task at your own pace. We will be discussing the method of refinishing the tub.

The very first step in the process requires you to get rid of all different pipes and knobs from the tub. They can hinder your ability to refinish the tub and can make the task harder. After the pipes have been removed, you can get started with the sanding. Sanding makes sure that your tub is perfectly smooth and free of chips. You may not have to sand your tub if there weren’t any cracks or chips in the beginning of the procedure.

When the sanding has been completed then you are ready to start cleaning the area. A sponge is the most effective option to wash the tub. Make sure to scrub hard so that your tub will be sparkling when you are done. You may want to try various tub polishing tools.

After you’ve finished washing or polishing your tub, your work is done. If you do not have the equipment required then you might want to get a professional assist you.


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