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areas that require wiring. The rooms you need to wire should be common spaces bedroom areas, as well as other rooms such as bathrooms. In addition, you’ll have be able to specify which fuse box is and how it’s wired. Highlight Electrical Components for every room, list the electrical elements involved. For instance, the ceiling fans and power outlets. Also, include the switches that power them. Circuit Breaker When you’ve detailed rooms, the next piece of the electrical wiring diagram is to include the circuit breaker and its proper installation. You must add the appropriate amount of fuse required to make each device work. It is also important to sketch the electrical lines as well as how they will connect to the circuit breaker.

You need two lines — live (L) and neutral (N). Both lines must be identified with various colors in order to prevent confusion. In this video the N line is red and the L is black.

Connect the lines connecting those wires that are fused to the diagram , and follow the same procedure for the rooms. kmpp6mn2hu.

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