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The attic has been a source of concern for many people because it influences your house. The most prevalent troubles with your attic is the growth of mold. It is because humidity and heat are the major reasons cause mold to grow. If you’re using AC units that have not been maintained these could provide a supply of humidity to your attic.

The combination of these elements and the fact that you might not be able to visit your attic very often make mold grow. If you’re considering essential updates for an eco-friendly home then you must learn how to get rid of the attic mold. The foundation of your house could be damaged by the attic’s mold, which could cause damage to or even destroy the wood sheathing. There are several ways to eliminate mold in your attic while adding eco-friendly alternatives to your house. First, seek out professionals who can help assess how extensive your mold problem is and what they can do to get rid of it. Also, you can upgrade your HVAC and air-conditioning units in order to avoid future troubles with mold. If you are convinced that the ventilation isn’t a problem, take a look at your roof to determine if there’s any leaks or damage.

In the case of updating green homes, insulation for the roof is an important topic. Roof insulation will cut down by over 40% of your energy bills for cooling and heating. Roof insulation helps to prevent the temperature of your house from fluctuating, which can reduce the risk of mold growth. Though roof insulation costs a lot however, it’ll help you save money on your electricity bill and also prevent heating issues for your house.

Leaks of water from pipes or AC units might commonly cause the attic to become moldy. If there are smoke detector or pipe leaks at home It is essential to repair your leak as soon as you can. Furthermore, AC units can be a common cause of mold. Calling cooling companies to help you solve this issue is the best thing you can take care of.

4. Upgrade Your Eco-Friendly Garage

If you spend most part of your day in your garage creating DIY projects you’re


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